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What is BB Cream and Should I Be Using It?

What bb cream can do for your skin Recently on Facebook, I was asked the following question, “I was wondering……what is BB cream and should I be using it?” BB stands for “Beauty Balm” or “Blemish Balm” depending on the formula, and they’re basically tinted moisturizers with skin care ingredients and SPF built in. We like…

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How to Get Rid of Cleavage and Chest Wrinkles

Easy Way to Treat Chest Wrinkles for Smoother Cleavage Have you recently woken up to chest wrinkles? Have you been bothered for years about your neck and chest area looking older than your age? Well Carmilla Skincare has found an easy, yet effective way to reduce those chest wrinkles with an at-home treatment. Why Do I…

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Do Jade Stone Face Rollers Work?

The real truth about jade stone roller benefits The Benefits and How to Use It If you have started to notice the increased buzz about Jade Stone Face Rollers and you are not sure about the benefits it offers your skin, let me tell you why I use it at home. As a skincare professional…

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