Do Jade Stone Face Rollers Work?

The real truth about jade stone roller benefits

Jade Roller

The Benefits and How to Use It

If you have started to notice the increased buzz about Jade Stone Face Rollers and you are not sure about the benefits it offers your skin, let me tell you why I use it at home. As a skincare professional for over 20 years, I have seen and used a lot of skincare products and this is a simple and effect treatment that you should make a part of your skincare routine.

What is an Jade Ice Face Roller?

“Ice” roller is a slightly misleading name, as these are simply facial massagers that have been chilled, not frozen, to achieve the benefits of combining facial massage with cool temperatures.

So What Are Those Benefits!
Reduces puffiness – Most of us have at one time or another woke up and either felt like our whole face was puffy, or at least the area under our eyes was swollen. The jade face roller via cold therapy can help reduce puffiness and have you looking refreshed.

Shrinkage – Cold temperatures cause constriction in the skin, resulting in a shrinking effect on the appearance of pores and blood vessels, creating a smoother, more even-toned surface over time. Not only is this a major benefit for the appearance, but it also prevents them getting clogged with dirt, makeup, you name it, that causes breakouts!!

Evens skin tones – Your skin tone will even out from the cold.

Reduces acne irritation – Cold treatments can soothe inflammation and irritation, which is perfect for those who experience acne, sensitivity or redness in their skin.

Aids in lymph drainage and increases blood flow – Cold causes constriction and the massaging element activates lymphatic drainage, all of which reduce the look of fatigue, puffiness, redness, and irritation.

There are many reasons why you should be using an jade face roller in your skincare routine. The benefits go beyond the skin level, penetrating deep into the muscular structure and blood vessels, helping to reduce pain and discomfort. I tell everyone that once you try it, you love it.

When Should You Use an Jade Face Roller?
After applying a serum: The constricting effect of jade rollers do offer an efficient way to seal the blood vessels in the skin after applying a vitamin C serum treatment. Used as a finishing touch to your skin care routine, a jade ice roller smooths and soothes your skin, and aides in lymphatic drainage. While the chilly temperature may take some getting used to, once you acclimate yourself to the cold surface of an jade stone roller, you’ll be hooked!

Some quick vitamin C serum benefits in case you are not familiar or don’t already have it in your routine are: collagen reproduction, protection from UV damage, brighter, healthier, smoother skin, and reduces fine lines and dark spots. The anti-aging benefits are major! I would 100% add this into your routine if it’s not in it already!

Shaving/waxing: Use your jade stone roller after shaving or waxing to sooth the micro wounds that happen when you wax or irritate the skin with hair removal.

Sunburn: There are not too many things that can sooth sunburn as well as cold therapy does. I recommend applying a thin layer of Aloe Vera Gel, and massage your cold jade roller over the sun burnt areas.

Puffy Skin: Using a jade face roller is replacing the old beauty trick of putting cold spoons under the eyes to relieve puffiness. You can use this cold therapy treatment to reduce puffiness anywhere on your face.

Breakouts: Jade ice rollers can be used as an alternative for people who are sensitive to products and break out easily.

Fatigue: Your skin can look dull and puffy when you are tired. Tired eyes can dramatically be improved with cold therapy. Use your jade roller in the mornings before you apply your makeup or after your shower. The skin will tighten and smooth the complexion.

Allergy Season: Jade ice rollers are great for people who suffer from allergies. You can calm inflammation and reduce swelling caused by allergies.

Sore muscles/headache: Cold therapy or an ice pack can dramatically relieve muscle pain. You can use the rolling motion to massage and cool down your muscles. If you have jaw pain, neck, forehead or any part of the face and body, massage that area with ice roller for relief.


How to Use an Jade Ice Roller
For an overall treatment that helps reduce puffiness, redness and uneven skin tone, start by rolling across the forehead and temples, working around the eyes, down the cheeks, around the mouth, along the jaw and then downwards on the neck to boost lymphatic drainage and give an overall calm and cool glow to the skin. This also works if you’ve experienced stinging or redness from an exfoliation treatment like microdermabrasion and want to quickly soothe your skin.

  • If your eyes are tired and puffy, gently roll a jade roller around the under-eye area to bring relief and help shrink inflammation.
  • After waxing or threading treatments, try rolling the jade face roller around the eyebrows and upper lip to soothe stinging and reduce redness
  • If you have a particularly irritated breakout, ice-rolling the area helps to soothe any itching and pain and smoothes the overall surface of the skin
  • Before bed and at the end of your skin care routine, ice roll your face, neck and chest for a soothing treatment to end the day and ease tension.
  • A jade stone roller is incredibly easy to use, intuitive really. You can keep your roller in the freezer, always being sure that it is ready for use.

For someone like myself who has seen hundreds of clients, there is always a good reason to use ice cold therapy in any type of treatment. Whether it is after an irritating upper lip wax, or after a microdermabrasion facial, you can instantly cool the affected area.

An jade ice roller can be used to help seal in a product after application by closing the pores. Use your anti-aging night creams or daily serums followed by your jade ice roller to get the most out of your expensive facial products. I use a jade ice roller after I apply any corrective serum during a facial.

Some of my friends use the ice roller for tension relief. After a long day of work, those who work on computers all day find they have tension around the eyes and forehead. After 5- 7 minutes they feel tension free and revived. All this from such a simple tool that you can also use at home. You can revitalize your skin and face at home when the need arises.

Safety Precautions
Remember to always clean and dry your jade ice roller after any treatments to ensure it doesn’t harbor any bacteria. A quick wipe-down of the surface with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol after each use will keep your ice rolling tool in sanitary conditions.

And as for the ideal temperature to get the best results, I recommend keeping your jade ice roller in the fridge as opposed to the freezer, especially if you’re applying it to skin that may be moist from products you’ve applied—a too-cold roller can pull at delicate skin. If you’re unsure about the cold temperature, roll it on your wrist first to make sure it’s comfortable for you.

Have you used an jade face ice roller before? Share your experience and your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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