is a world leader in non-invasive wrinkle treatments. Their ORIGINAL silicone Decollette pad has become a best seller, providing skin care solutions to thousands of satisfied customers in over 23 countries.

SilcSkin is a company dedicated to developing non-invasive methods of getting rid of wrinkles. They have developed a series of products designed to get rid of wrinkles that form on the face, chest and neck area. Their products that are so easy to use, you can use them while you sleep.


The anti-wrinkle pads are made of 100% medical grade silicone. When worn, electro static energy provided by the pads can improve the irregular collagen structure and also creates an increased blood ow which results in an improved skin tone. Silicone contributes in moisturizing the skin by drawing the skin’s natural moisture to the surface, which hydrates the skin.